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Senior Care Podcast by LivHOME

In this episode, Steve Barlam, LivHOME’s Chief Professional Officer, explores the importance of seniors achieving the proper balance in life, focusing on four key types of balance: physical, psychological, social and spiritual. He discusses how to recognize proper balance, the steps necessary for seniors to be able to develop this balance, whether it can be achieved alone or requires outside help, and how balance may vary for different people and change over the course of a lifetime.
In this episode, Steve Barlam, LivHOME’s Chief Professional Officer, explores the topic of communication between adult children as their senior parents begin to need assistance. Topics include: the perception that one child ends up with the lion’s share of responsibility for his or her aging parents, the question of whether this child really does need to go it alone, and how the child with this responsibility can go about discussing the issue with his or her siblings to get them involved in their parents’ care.
In this episode, Kirsten Goulde, LivHOME’s Vice President of Human Resources, explains California Assembly Bill 241 and its implications for seniors and their families. The law, effective Jan. 1, eliminates the existing overtime pay exemption for personal attendants – this includes caregivers – meeting certain criteria. Topics include: what this means in terms of increased costs for seniors in need of both hourly and 24-hour care, the options seniors and their families have for addressing this situation, and why this is also relevant for those living outside the state of California.
In this episode, Cheryl Kuba, Executive Director of LivHOME’s Chicago office, explores the difficulties seniors face trying to eat well during the holidays. Topics include difficulties caused by the holiday season’s sumptuous meals, abundant alcohol, snacks and deserts; holiday foods that are the biggest problems for seniors; how adult children can prepare an appropriate dining experience for their senior loved ones; and ways that exercise can factor into the holiday-meal picture for seniors.
In this episode, Steve Barlam, LivHOME’s Chief Professional Officer, explores the issue of seniors wandering from home and the prevention of this type of behavior, which can put seniors at great risk. Topics include warning signs that seniors may be prone to wandering, activity-based prevention based on the triggers of wandering, the role of caregivers and family members, and the use of technology and environmental factors to prevent wandering.
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